a bunch of index card doodles from the past few weeks with quotes from my professors

an edit of the sleepy carriage of the flytrap queen
i’ve been unsettled by the composition until now and i realized i liked it much better as two separate compositions rather than a single piece

it rhymes

quick napoleon chicken thing for typography class exercise
we made a story with spooky murder chickens

WHOAH!!! who are you cosplaying!!! i would definitely love to highfive you there B3

here’s my probable lineup aaaa
imageif anyone else is going i would love to say hi! ‘u’ 

sorry for the slight inactivity!! i’m currently working to finish my cosplays for otakon (2 more weeks aaa). ;7;


listen to the audio playing here


finished for the night aaa hand started hurting
one of the color palette requests

doodle i never uploaded of my dnd character
bara bird king

If the anon asking for Paint Tool Sai could message me, I will gladly send them a link to download it safely, or email the file to them.

here you go anon!

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Hello I just got a tablet and I don't know how to download paint tool sai I tried and it just brung a lot of viruses up

ahh i’m not sure how to deal with that, i’m sorry. ;7; i have a legally downloaded copy of paint tool sai so i don’t know what the safest source is other than the paint tool sai website.
you should probably get a better virus scanner (they have ones that make sure a file is safe before you download it)? be sure to research reviews of virus scanners before you download them to make sure that they won’t infect your computer. 

How did you get so good with sai ? ;~; I've been working with it for quite some time, but I'm still really sucky. ;~;

i don’t use sai-specific features that much at all, so i’m probably not a good person to reference as someone especially “good” at using the program. ;7;

what do you need help with in particular? understanding the brush settings/ the program’s capabilities, digital painting in general, idkman

Hello..I just saw your livestream and I noticed you used mac and windows on your computer, how did you do that?

i have a windows mirroring program called vmware. you buy the windows operating system of your choice to run, you download it on your mac, and then vmware will run it for you. you can also use bootcamp, which is a free application through apple and does pretty much the same thing. (i just had vmware because my dad got it from his work)
as for how to get tablet pressure sensitivity to work on the windows side, there are some tutorials online that you can look up. the method usually changes depending on what mirroring system you use.


hi guys!! i’m having a livestream right now to work on all of these madoka paintings aa
come to keep me company, ask questions, listen to my music, say hi, idkman 
i’ll be chatting under the name boisenberry unless i figure out how to change my name to bhakri
(this is my first time streaming on this laptop so it might die ;7;)

the music was taking too much cpu, so it’s been moved to separate thing

when u really dumb and start 3 madoka magica paintings at once

the only one who can hurt my pet is me.

based off of the original ion chapter in the tales of the abyss manga